Nutritional 'Health' Check and x4 Personal Training £150.0

Nutritional 'Health' Check, 'Package 

Our aim when is to provide 'evidence based' nutritional information that you could change and take control of their health & wellbeing.

 - Health check, 

A balanced diet is important because your organs and tissues need proper nutrition to work effectively.

I will help you with you diet by helping you understand how you are currently living.  By evaluating your current diet I will then be able to make the necessary changes to improve your 

- Increase Immunity

-  fight disease

- reduce fatigue

 - Reduce Poor performance

 - Reduce Heart disease, Cancer's

- Improve your immune system

- Promote Welbeing 

So food’s no longer about counting calories or following the latest trends; it’s about giving your body everything it needs to protect and enhance your HEALTH & FITNESS.

Nutritional 'Health' Check is a full nutritional content & health benefits advice package. 

I will help you understand certain the most effective and accurate way of your nutrition & health benefits of your food.

Nutritional 'Health Check' Package is a perfect way to look after yourself properly for many, many different 'health' reasons. I would like to appeal to your understanding that as you get older your body changes. The changes in some respect have a huge impact on your, Body Mass Index, (BMI) which links in with, and as a direct impact on your how your body copes with stress; i.e. sudden weight gain; illnesses; diseases etc, 

Through private one to one coaching and through guided Intuitive eating coaching, with support tailored to your needs and lifestyle, you will learn to;

    Recognise the damage that diets have done to you, from increased binge eating, food obsession, and weight increasing with each weight loss attempt.

    Respect your normal biological drive to eat, for energy, nourishment and pleasure. No more relying on calorie trackers or diet tools.

    Break down food rules and restrictions and let go of that inner food critic that tells you that you’re ‘bad’ for eating a cookie and ‘good’ for eating a salad.

If you have have experienced or are frequently becoming ill with cold's, flu's and viruses. Our bodies change and evolve constantly i.e. puberty, adolescence, and through various stages of maturity. This has a direct impact your 'set point' Your 'set point' is about a process called homeostasis  and involves your hormones, tissues and organs and there directly affects how we eat and what our body requires to remain 'healthy'.   

Therefore having a 'Nutritional Health Check' done for you and then discussing your dietary assessment is advisable. Being in a position to address the facts and make the relevant changes could be significant in keeping your health in check...