I wanted to change my lifestyle image
In October 2015 I have decided that I wanted to change my lifestyle and I needed a massive change that will make me look and feel better about myself.

I have been diagnosed with hip distortion about four/five years ago, and since then I have been in pain weather It is when I am just walking or trying to play any sports. Having played sports my whole life, it was a devastating news for me and I turned to food, and that is when I started gaining weight more and more. What is adding to my weight problem is that I also have insulin resistance, which would mean that I need to live as a diabetic and that I would put on weight much faster than others.

Once reading Darren’s profile, I realized that he would be perfect for the transformation that I wanted to achieve, since he has the military background, therefor would not be scared of telling me exactly what to do and how, as well as nutritionist and he has worked with people with injuries.

After mine and Darren’s first consultation, I knew that he would be able to help me, firstly with the pain and then with the weight. By working on muscles around the hips and strengthening them, in just 5 months

I have started feeling like myself again. I could wear heels, walk fast for a long time, sit in positions that i could not have before, and sleep better. Achieving that was something that I did not think will happen that fast and that the results would be so obvious, but they were.

When it comes to losing weight, we are currently in the process of that. Because I have not done any sport or anything really for a very long time, I lost all of my muscles really, and there for before I can start losing great amounts of weight, I have to build on muscle tissue, and that is what we are doing at the moment. I know that this is going to be a very long process for me, but I am confident as the improvements have already enabled me to at least sleep a little on night, where I am exhausted having had no sleep most night in the last few years.

In two years’ time I am confident I will be able to run with no pain and also achieve my goal weight.

Darren is not just a trainer, he is a friend, a rock, support and most important he makes me feel like I could do anything and I am curtain that together we can make me into my own perfect self.