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Combining over 16 years of experience as a Nutritionist BSc 'hons' degree n' Trainer to 'Weight-loss' Specialist

Hi, I'm Darren.

Why I am a Nutritionist?

I am both a 'Trainer' and a 'Nutritionist', - (graduated in 2018 (BSc) degree)) as I receive a great amount of pleasure from being both, but i would like to concentrate on talking about being a Nutritionist. As a Nutritionist I believe in that everybody is capable and has the ability to be able to change their own outlook and circumstances for the better, both mentally and physically.

In my line of work I am very fortunate as I meet a lot of people in and around Leeds; from the people who work in an office and as well as people that work manually, and also as a skilled laborer. We all have different jobs and therefore are presented with different physical and emotional challenges 'in our busy busy lives. Other challenges stem from not having enough time to look after ourselves and doing this whilst taking care of their families. Living today is hard and looking after ourselves is even harder as we all have bosses to appease and girlfriends and partners to please, this is tough! This then is a great opportunity as it presents me with lots of different challenges, such as; helping someone take care of themselves by working with their 'eating' habits, and helping them through teaching how important nutrition is, have you ever heard that saying ' You are what you eat'. No truer saying.

Through understanding key principles of nutrition/eating you can learn a great deal about yourself in a way that would benefit you and everyone around you. i.e understanding food labels would be a prime example as most food manufacturers want to make a profit so selling their products is their key objective. i enjoy the challenges that i am presented with as each clients body-shape and needs are very different, so I will therefore using the knowledge I obtained through University and importantly through experience understand what it is they would like to change about themselves and explain how best to tackle this and this is what I do and love as I appreciate and specialize in; weight loss n' weight gain, 'Mental health'; 'Recovery Heart conditions'; 'Rehabilitation', 'Diabetes type 1, 2..

Everyone unfortunately suffers with different struggles in life sometime or other, such as; mental illnesses, or being unwell or ill with an illness; or inflicted with a diseases or perhaps through an old or recurring injury. There are so many other hidden dangers out there that can suppress our health too such as the habits we take up, such as smoking as well as the kinds of food we eat, n' not forgetting the different other life stress's we endure. There are good stress's and bad stress's. Looking after ourselves has become hard with hidden traps like 'junk-food' and over indulging on food and drink, i.e both sugary caffeinated drink and of course alcohol. The complexities are never ending and complex and when this happens. surely, it is comforting to know there is help at hand!? I like to think of myself as someone who can help both as a 'Trainer' and a 'Nutritionist'. There is no other feeling quite like helping someone realize they can do something that they think their mind and body can over come this challenge and that their mind has the ability to overcome a range of emotions like' the inability to do something because of what they believe about themselves' or 'they have not the capability as they have never thought or had the inclination that they are more than able.

My job allows gives me the opportunity to work with quite a diverse range of people and whilst I love being a Nutritionist. I relish indeed and mostly relish the challenges that i get presented with. I indeed get a great deal of satisfaction from being presented with challenges that I am presented with, such as; weight reduction; weight reduction whilst challenged medically, putting on weight, rehabilitation, recovery from injury etc. This is achieved by helping that person understand 'how to eat more 'healthily' and become stronger as a person and this is what I love to do.

I found myself at times being overwhelmed with clients questions, such as; why I don't or can not lose the weight when i exercise the way that i do, and live the way I do? Or by living the healthy lifestyle I lead? And mostly when that individual would suffer from a particular mental illness, disease or illness of a particular nature? So I decided to go back to school and graduated in 2018 from University.

Thank you.


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