What Baker's research found? (Coronary Heart Disease)

What is recognized in today's in Baker's research,Coronary Heart Disease) 

Baler's research found that eating adequate and a healthy nutritious diet helps and aids the fetus/child with hormonal, metabolic environment programming, i.e. is an “adaptive process” that occurs in response to a nutritional stimulus/insult during a vulnerable period of susceptibility early in life. Whereas inadequate food/nutrition permanently affects the child as Baker's research found weight of boys at one year of age strongly predicted death rates from CHD, as death rates fell from those who were small at 1 years old, to those who were large. Baker found that people from Sheffield, Preston, and Hearts all showed that adults who were small as babies have raised blood pressure, raised serum cholesterol and plasma fibrogen concentrations and impaired glucose tolerance - All factors of CHD.