✅Making and helping fresh fruit n’ vegetables last;

If you’re feeling the Pinch!  Let’s face it a great many of us are really struggling today with the sudden increasing food price hikes, on top of unbelievable costs towards energy and petrol. I thought some may appreciate posts that are dedicated to helping people when it comes to the costs to shopping, and we can do? As the price hikes certainly will not be going down anytime soon. Have you thought about and tried?

Making and helping fresh fruit n’ vegetables last;  

'Fruits n’ Vegetables’ are important to us as they provide our bodies with vitamins, minerals and lots of other good stuff. This is really important, especially in making sure our bodies can work efficiently and so many other processes. 

If you've only eaten half of piece of fruit; banana, orange or apple etc try using and wrapping the uneaten half with cling film then afterward places in the fridge? this will help keep it from going brown and having to be thrown away.

With the costs of vegetables and fruit going up most cannot afford to simply keep buying fresh fruit every day given the costs of fruits and vegetables have gone up massively, and they are still continuing to go up. 

You can chop-up fresh fruit and vegetables then squeeze or pour  lemon juice or any acidic fruit and simply squeeze on your fresh salad or fruits, this will help keep for later if you go to the pub?. This will preserve your fruits till the evening and then you can tuck in. 

Alternatively try blanching, you can blanch your frozen vegetables and then stick them into the freeze, this will also preserve a little while longer. This tip is especially relevant to those who find themselves throwing away mouldy produce.  

Stopping our food wastes is one huge part of saving money too.Help make food last longer  

With the heavy costs to living effecting families in the way that they are, I mean especially with the heavy food and energy costs. Shockingly, this crisis we are entering is effecting peoples behaviours to whether people can afford to eat, or go without. Further battles are arising the amount of tax the government is charging on the fuel we buy, which incidentally is pushing up the costs of fuel prices. With attention turning to what food choices parents can offer their children. Admittedly, parents are going without a meals at times, so their children can eat. This is happening in our neighbourhoods. We are one of the wealthiest economies in the G7. Unfortunately, due to all tough brakes people are facing I envisage the nation’s health crisis’s becoming a lot worse than it already is… Due to steady rises of overweight and obesity and Diabetes cases will have an impact on the increasing cancer increases and heart too. 

Stay Safe❤