✅Sticking to the shopping list, can be really hard to do!

Let’s face it a great many of us are really struggling today with the sudden increasing food price hikes, on top of unbelievable costs towards energy and petrol. I thought some may appreciate posts that are dedicated to helping people when it comes to the costs to shopping, and we can do? As the price hikes certainly will not be going down anytime soon. Have you thought about and tried?

Sticking to the shopping list, can be really hard to do!

✔ If you’re an impulsive buyer, and gravitate towards pulling things off of shelves. That was especially true at supermarkets these days! If you’re an impulsive buyer, like I? well I can easily walk out with a shopping bag with buy-one-get-one free snacks, bottles of wine on sale, and some biscuits easily, sounds tasty? Next thing you know, you've spent an extra £20.00 very easily, on other items you never intended to spend. It adds up fast-especially when you're grocery shopping on a weekly basis.

✔Growing up, my Grandad often shopped with a grocery list. Not only does it help you not forget to buy what you actually need, but it cuts down on the amount of time you spend in a grocery store, period-you know, standing in the aisle, trying to remember what you needed to get, when that shiny new purchase catches your eye instead. Thus, sticking to a list has the benefit of fewer Impulse buys 

✔I made one master list to keep on my phone that has all of our essentials that we buy each week, such as eggs, dairy, meats, fruits, vegetables, drinks and a handful of go-to snacks. This massively helps! I also keep a whiteboard on our fridge where I write down anything we run out of. Then, before each trip to the supermarket, I sit down at my dining table and combine the two lists, keeping a written tab on everything we need that day. 

With the heavy costs to living effecting families in the way that they are, I mean especially with the heavy food and energy costs. Shockingly, this crisis we are entering is effecting peoples behaviours to whether people can afford to eat, or go without. Further battles are arising the amount of tax the government is charging on the fuel we buy, which incidentally is pushing up the costs of fuel prices. With attention turning to what food choices parents can offer their children. Admittedly, parents are going without a meals at times, so their children can eat. 

This is happening in our neighbourhoods. We are one of the wealthiest economies in the G7. Unfortunately, due to all tough brakes people are facing I envisage the nation’s health crisis’s becoming a lot worse than it already is… Due to steady rises of overweight and obesity and Diabetes cases will have an impact on the increasing cancer increases and heart too. 

Stay Safe ❤