Overhead dumbbell triceps extension

To get moving:

  1. Grab one 10-15 pound dumbbell for this move.
  2. Get into a staggered stance; your feet should be hips-width distance apart, with the toes of one foot in line behind the heel of your other foot.
  3. With bent elbows, move the weight above and behind your head.
  4. Then extend your arms straight up, feeling your triceps engage as you go.
  5. Ensure that your neck stays neutral and your elbows don’t flare out wide.

Things to consider

Don’t be discouraged if these exercises are difficult at the outset — most are for advanced exercisers. Utilize modifications to reap the benefits.

Performing one of these pushup variations at least once a week will help your triceps grow in size and strength — especially if done in combination with a few of the other triceps-focused moves!

Remember that eating a well-balanced diet is also an integral part of seeing those triceps gains.

The bottom line

Pushups are a fundamental exercise, one you should incorporate into your exercise routine for functional strength.

Doing variations on them — to focus on your triceps, for example — will spice things up and target different muscles.