By creating an environment that is conducive to healthy living this program works and helps you to tackle difficulties: Low self-steem , high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre diabetes, and obesity, liver, and gall bladder problems, sleep apnoea orthopaedic problems, depression. This program has been created with you in mind.

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  • Duration: 02:30 Hours
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Nutrition and Exercise 1ST PACKAGE 


And questions please just email and ask?

Allow me to walk you through your package! 


 - Healthy-Eating behaviours part 1

 - personal Training Session

 - Healthy-Eating behaviours part 2 (Healthy eating behaviours will continue throughout your program) 

Video with on-point content instilling motivation

 - Personal Training session, (and sessions will continue now through your program)

- A full screening, inc dietary assessment, complete with interactive health assessment

 - Healthy Eating behaviours part 3

- Body composition and analysis  

- Healthy Eating behaviours part 4

 And much much more including advice and assistance: interactive videos, improving cooking skills and wellness discussions, videos, goal setting   with improving your lifestyle 

- encouraging self-managed support through wellness discussions

 Professional and up to date education and knowledge - both acquired through experience and learnt education  

and  more...

 - appointments  and monitoring will be ongoing after discussing your results with you.  

- heck ins and appointments 

 -  supportive material encouraging your 'weight loss' And much much more including advice and assistance with improving your lifestyle 

- Contributing and continuing your  learning educating about diet and nutrition

Regarding 'Service duration' you can have as long as you need, so please pay no attention to the 60 minutes that is allocated. Thank you. Any questions please ask. 

Packages are valid for 6 months, from date of purchase

Having and as well as fulfilling a bodies need for the right nutrition is the corner stone to helping address many of today's, societies problems; low self-esteem, high levels of cholesterol, and high blood pressure; overweight and obesity, liver and gall bladder problems, sleep apnoea, orthopaedic problems, Diabetes and depression