The importance of sleep


I discuss the importance of sleep, vulnerability and boosting creativity in the below interview with Zane Lowe to promote his latest album.

I explain how through his improved rest and REM cycles he has increased his capacity for creativity and problem solving. So, how we fail to recognise the impact of losing sleep whilst balancing our lives and work? Self development like this can be useful to anybody who is hoping to increase focus, well being and quality output in their work. We are seeing more businesses begin to acknowledge these findings and utilise various methods to inform and encourage their employees.

Mental health has been increasingly recognised and discussed in the media for a while now. Seeing more artists discuss their vulnerability and openness to emotion is something I hope to see other influencers do, not only in music but in other sectors too.

If you are more interested in sleep in general then 'Why We Sleep' by Matthew Walker is a fantastic read filled with some pioneering information on sleeping cycles and the drastic lifestyle improvements that can be made.