Menu planner. My Healthy Weight loss works with you by helping you create a plan that encompasses in helping you choose to find out if the problem is tied to being an emotional eater, physiological or psychological ? Which results in you having a difficult relationship with food?

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  • Duration: 00:60 Hours
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On the 3rd Nutrition Plan you will look and begin to think in confidence and start to feel better about yourself. This is a truly personalised program for those who are fed up with a lack of results, but committed to change.  

✔️ A comprehensive health review 

✔️ A 60 minute results and recommendations consultation

Which will lead into;  

Menu planner.

✔️  a plan that helps you choose your meals, 

✔️ A personalised diet and supplementation plan 

✔️ Two follow up coaching calls

✔️ weekly support from me

✔️  My health and nutrition questionnaires can be extremely productive in helping you in your fight to sustain weight gain, improving your health and especially effective in combating further weight gain.

A personalised diet and supplementation plan Two follow up coaching calls Daily support from me

✔️ helping you by providing additional support and helpful tools that I provide to help in your fight with weight loss.

Your nutritional programme will begin with a discussion where we will discuss your health goals, your (and your family) medical health history, your current (and prior) diet as well as your symptoms and allergies. 

By managing your progression and checking-in with you I will be able to make necessary changes as and when, in order to oversee your health. 

This method may be the one that works for you as it is a much cheaper way, (I still keep regularly checking-in) and even though a much slower way, but still proven in my past successes an effective and thorough way, a way to help you combat and help you in your fight towards weight loss. By improving your overall weight and improving your health 

I am in between witching payment methods so please Email, or call and will discuss with you options for approved payment methods, thank you.